I am a man on a journey of self improvement and self awareness. I fancy myself a writer, philosopher and an entrepreneur. Through out my life, I have traveled the road most traveled. This had led to me not accomplishing as much as I want. I wish to make use this site to take people on my journey of transformation both physically and emotionally. I am going to transform myself from the lazy slob that I currently am to the in shape beautiful bastard that I know I can be. Through this site I wish to keep a journal of my progress and continuing my writing. With that in mind, I want to start writing a light novel. I will start to hash it out then hopefully start releasing a few chapters a week. Another goal is to start travelling more. So perhaps you will see some choice pictures of where I am from and where I go. I hope that this not only helps me follow through with what I wish to accomplish but also helps inspire others to make positive changes in their life.

Sinner and Saint. Drunken Monk and Philosopher. I am Rufio. Part time writer, full time slacker. Now 150% times more awesome.