There are a few things which I am doing to help myself progress on the emotional mental level. The first is I am defining goals for what I want to get accomplished. I am setting daily goals, monthly goals, and yearly goals. I want my goals though to follow SMART principles. Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and Timely.

I want to define goals to be something specific. I want to lose weight is not a specific goal. I want to lose at least 60 lbs is a more well defined goal. I say at least because I want to lose more, but I am also trying to be realistic.

Next is that a goal must be measurable. I want to have a metric that I can measure whether or not I have accomplished the goal. Hence a goal needs to be able to be judged and measured by something. I want to be more outgoing is not something which is easily measurable. Saying though I wish to talk to 5 new people a day is. (This is not one of my goals)

Next a goal needs to be attainable. I have to be able to actually achieve the goal. Like losing at least 60 lbs in half a year is about 2-3 lbs a week. I think that is an attainable realistic goal that I can do in a healthy way.

Next is relevant. My goal can not be something which is not going to help my overall goals. Like saying I want to rank up in hearthstone is not relevant to my weight loss and overall personal goals right now.

Finally I need to set deadlines for everything I do, make them timely.

So if you made it this far Here are my goals for the end of year:

  1. I want to be at least 60 lbs lighter.
  2. I want to have a nice reliable car.
  3. I want to have a better smile. I want my teeth to be whiter.
  4. I want to keep myself well groomed. Face and head always kept up and dressing when I wake up.
  5. I want to speak fluent Spanish.

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