So I don’t know why I always expect it to be easy. In my mind, getting healthy in mind and body should be simple. Eat better, Read more, Focus on what you need to fix and Sleep normal hours. I can see everything I need to do. Problem is doing it and not letting little things get in the way of me actually accomplishing my goals. The problem becomes routine.

Keeping up with anything requires you to make it a part of your routine. I don’t have a routine…. At all. There is no times when I need to be up. There are not really a set schedule to how much I work or how often. I set those depending on the level of work. This means some days I goof off. Other days I am working 12-16 hours. It just makes making a routine harder. Not impossible.

My other problem is the book I was looking forward to reading seems to be some bullshit. Like the parts I am reading seem like so much pseudoscience that I might just stop reading the book. Then I wonder if I am perhaps not giving it the opportunity and if I wade through the bs I might get to that nugget of gold. My buddy told me… “It can’t all be shit.” My problem becomes what if it is all shit…

But Perhaps this will help me with another of mental problems, not doing shit because I don’t see the point. Sometimes you will do something and it will prove you right. It was pointless and stupid. Sometimes you will do something and it will prove you wrong and perhaps be life changing. I will roll the dice. Let you all know.

Well back to the grind…

Sinner and Saint. Drunken Monk and Philosopher. I am Rufio. Part time writer, full time slacker. Now 150% times more awesome.

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