Sometimes it is good to take a break. I worked out yesterday and today I got to relax and just watch the fights. It was a good day. Focused on me. Tonight I plan to start on the book and eventually lull myself to sleep. Tomorrow will be a big day where I move mountains. But today, I let my hair down and just enjoyed the moment. Still no soda and no alcohol but a great day! I also went to a weird eastern medicine place. I had magnets strapped to my body. Then an ionic foot bath. I didn’t think I would feel anything. But the magnets on my head gave me a head ache which surprisingly went away after I focused on my breathing. Not saying it didn’t something. But not saying it didn’t. The doctor seemed nice though and the nurse was cute. So I got no problem going back.

Sinner and Saint. Drunken Monk and Philosopher. I am Rufio. Part time writer, full time slacker. Now 150% times more awesome.

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