So I finally am making progress on my cars. One is out the shop and needs to go back in and the other needs some TLC. But hopefully I will have them both up and running well soon. Then I can move on to the truck. Won’t be ready to go to the beach this season but perhaps next year. I will have a better beach body and a nice truck to tear the beaches up in El Gulfo. So progress is being made with the cars.

Next up is working out while it is hot. I hate it. I have to wait til like 9-10 at night to get in a good work out. And it is still almost 100 degrees outside. Now I know some of you may say join a gym! I don’t feel comfortable being in the gyms down here. Every one I have been to is crammed. I need space. So I got my nice little set up out back that I work on and some fans. They say it is 98 degrees in the shade or something.

I know I didn’t post them but I also have daily goals. I am just starting and I am finding myself discouraged on how I am not keeping up with them. I need to emphasize them. Though a reason for not doing them was getting my car and doing other things for my big goals. I feel that I just need to do more. I know I can do more. But my motivation runs out. I think I just need to telling myself that you don’t want to be that guy anymore.

That may sound a little self-criticizing but I feel like you got to hate yourself to save yourself. There are things which don’t matter to me. Like when I wake up, getting dressed and ready or showering and shaving everyday. I think to myself, I didn’t really do anything and I can do it tomorrow. I don’t want to get out of bed or do anything but finish up the work on my computer and have a netflix day. But it is not fixing the broken windows and broken windows causes the neighborhood to go to shit. So I got to start fixing them broken windows. So I end my blog with this, in all aspects of life, it is the little things that matter.


Sinner and Saint. Drunken Monk and Philosopher. I am Rufio. Part time writer, full time slacker. Now 150% times more awesome.

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